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We believe that intelligent solutions are built by ordinary people with extraordinary passion.

About Us

About Kreeda Labs - Who we are

Who We Are

Kreeda Labs is a Software Consulting company with a focus on Full Stack, Gaming and AI/ML development.

We are a team of innovators, designers and engineers who like to develop products with cutting-edge technologies. 


K{r}eeda: Its Keeda with a {r}. Keeda means intelligent innovation and Kreeda means play. We are a team of Multi-talented engineers who love to play with innovation.

Think Big
We apply design thinking, business strategy and technology excellence to create solutions and opportunities for our clients.


Deliver Value

Build and measure what 
matters. Trendy is good, but we need our solutions to be viable business solutions as well.

Move Fast

Agile culture to get you where you need to go quickly. Detailed planning, accurate design and faster deliveries.

About Kreeda Labs - How we work

How We Work

About Kreeda Labs - Partnering with us

Partnering With Us

At Kreeda Labs, we are dedicated to fostering a culture of ownership and knowledge that not only defines who we are but also serves as a magnet for top-tier technical talent. 

  • We work with cross-functional collaborative teams with brilliant people

  • We understand that in the ever-evolving tech landscape, time is of the essence, and hence our approach is all about rapid delivery of outcomes, prioritizing results over prolonged projects.

  • We are the partner who can not only design and develop but also add value through continuous innovation to develop an outstanding product.

What to expect from Kreeda Labs.jpg

What to expect from Kreeda Labs

Agile First

All our programs are delivered using Agile methodologies driven to fulfil business outcomes.

Technical Excellence

With a quality centric focus, we build products, automate deployment and minimize defects. We follow industry leading best practices for DevOps and CI/CD to not only develop, but scale and maintain your product over the long term.

Long-term Partnership

We are not just a service provider; we are your strategic partner. We are dedicated to your long-term success, providing ongoing support and collaboration.

Cost Efficiency

Our efficient project management and proven streamlined processes lead to cost savings, ensuring that you get the most value from your investments.

Meet the Founder

Dedication | Expertise | Passion

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